Hello, I'm Jo Chambers, but more commonly known as Studio Legohead

I'm thinking firstly I probably need to explain the name. Well rather than take up space here, you can click on this link to read the back story.

I'm known predominantly for my custom portraits of canines. I do though, love to illustrate and embroider flowers and have been known from time to time to throw a feline into the mix .

Drawing is what I love to do, but I also have a huge passion for embroidery. The pieces I stitch are created on a sewing machine that dates back to the 1940's called a Singer Irish. It specialises in freehand embroidery, which is in fact it's only function. It's a complete dream to use and it's like drawing with stitch. So, what's not to love!

So between commissions of canines, felines, drawing and embroidering flowers I also sell stationery and prints via my Etsy shop. Oh, and I teach, which is also a dream job!