Thanks for your interest in commissioning me!

There are a few things to take note of before I can produce a fabulous portrait:

A small biography about your four-legged friend

Do they have a favourite toy? Do they have a cute head tilt? Is one ear lower than the other? Any quirks, characteristics etc will add more personality to the portrait and they’re always gratefully appreciated; it helps me to get a real feel for them.


Some great high-resolution images

Out of focus, too dark or blurry will make it difficult to get a great representation of the model in question I’m afraid! These photos are best taken at eye level of the canine or feline in question, but ideally a good, clear image of your pooch or feline will suffice.


Finally, specific requirements for colour, added accessories and so on

A necklace, some earrings, a crown or perhaps a vintage headscarf? Do let me know.


Size, costings and completion times.

For an 8 x 11 inch portrait without background the cost is $180

For an 8 x 11 inch portrait with background the cost is $200

For two subjects in one 8 x 11 inch portrait without background the cost is $230  

For two subjects in one 8 x 11 inch portrait with background the cost is $270


I also offer smaller sizes. These are 8 x 6 inch - without background $120 and with a background they are $135


Human Portraits - Prices start at $180 for an 8 x 6 inch portrait.


Postage and packaging 

This depends on which country…


If you are in the US, then the cost for a single portrait is $35. I use a traceable courier service, which is insured and arrives within 4-6 working days of being posted.


If in the UK, then the cost is $15 and will be sent recorded delivery.


For everywhere else I can give a very accurate quote once I know the destination. The cost of postage will change slightly depending on how many portraits I am posting as it is calculated by weight.


If you have any queries, email me at: