I'm been very fortunate to have had some great press over the years from some fabulous places.

See some of them here.


Mutts & Hounds - Dog Print fabric collaboration

1000 Dog Portraits - 6 artworks published

Oh Joy! For The Land Of Nod - Art Institute

Emily Henderson - Oh Joy's Studio the 'Living Room'

Oh Joy! - My New Studio

Oh Joy! - The Most Stylish Pups

WGSN - Editors Choice

Daily Candy

Dog Milk

Dog Milk - Wrigleys Portrait

Dog Milk - Queens Diamond Jubilee Portraits

Dog Milk - The Scratchbook


Frankie Magazine - Dog Doodlings

Buzzfeed - 13 Awesome Pet Portraitists

Daily Candy - Pet Supplies For Cats And Dogs

Print & Pattern - Featured Designer

Print & Pattern - Textiles

Design Work Life - Etsy Finds

Sweet Paul - Winter 2013 Woof

Martha Stewart - Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Supermarket Sarah

Kickan & Conkers

Dog Art Today

blanket ID - Portraits

blanket ID - Her Majesty Says Hello

The Stately Hound - The Scoop

Mr X Stitch - the Cutting (&Stitching) Edge

This Little Street - No More Blank Walls

Barkarama - Barkarama Loves

Chelsea Dogs - Greetings Cards

Puppy Tales - Christmas Gift Idea 2013

Inkygoodness - Let The Jubilee Celebrations Begin

Waggo - Greetings Card Collaboration 

House Of Harvey - Artwork

Morning Edit

Catsparella - Floral Meets Feline

Aaryn West - Monday Colour Mood

Art Hound - Doggie Lovin'

The Neo Traditionalist - Vogue Loves Pugs

Stylesight - Editor' Choice - Visual Inspiration

A Lovely Lark - Handmade Love

You Are My Fave - Friday Faves

Pawsh Magazine - Furry Fancy

A Pinch Of Lovely - Etsy Favourite

To And From Magazine - Spring 2013

Oh So Lovely Vintage - Etsy Print Love

Weebirdy - What To Order For Christmas

Sketchbook Magazine - Dogs Of Britain Going For Gold

Illustration Rally - Pet Rally

Slow Noodle - Flowers For The Weekend

Leopard & Plaid - Etsy Favourites