Embroidered Doodle

Well, I am almost at the point of completion of my website.
It's nothing fancy, but it at least now is mobile compatible!!
How was I so behind with the times.

As well as getting new stock ready for my shop I'm managing to still get some time on the machine.
This is a new doodle taking inspiration from the attached print.

x x x

A Poodle And A Gift Of Flowers For Tuesday


Yesterday had a few unexpected surprises, which made Monday a good day.
A feature on my new floral doodles and embroideries over at Print & Pattern kicked things off.
It's always nice to get some good press, especially from a blog that you follow and look at regularly.
Thanks Marie : )

So to celebrate here's a poodle bearing the gift of flowers. x x x

About 4 Years Ago....

I started drawing canines, had an exhibition and opened up an Etsy shop.
Who'd have thought it would have taken me on such a delightful journey.

Glenda here, in her old ladies headscarf is to play homage to the first pooches I drew and stitched as well as my lovely nan who gave me my love of all things kitsch.
( that wasn't meant to rhyme ; )
Thanks also for anyone that has stopped by, commissioned me, and supported me.

Canines, Felines And Sweet Treats

This week as well as commissions I've been diving in to my new assignment with the Lilla Rogers Bootcamp.
This week the theme is jelly, moulds and sweet treats!
I'm enjoying the colours, patterns and imagery that this 70's mainly eye candy has to offer.
Here's a few images and a pattern from this week : )

Romancing Pooches - Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines Day firstly!
Hope you've had a good one and were shown some love.

I was meant to be drawing cuckoo clocks.
Instead I ended up drawing canines and playing with colour.
Not using black is harder than I thought, but I really like the results.
Only starting points, but nice to try something new.


Cuckoo Clocks at the Bootcamp


I'm taking part in the Lilla Rogers Bootcamp course.
After being on the MATS course last year, it was too good an opportunity to turn down.
As well as drawing things that I wouldn't naturally turn too, the support and community from the other students is really the best thing!
So many fabulous artists, it really does give you a kick up the bum (in a good way;)

These are my take on the theme so far.