The Best Wedding In The World Ever!! Well to date anyhow!

This Friday was the day that two of my friends tied the knot, and what a day it was. From start to end I can say hand on heart that it was one of the best days I've had in a long time!!
The venue was perfect, the food was ever flowing and delicious (as was the champagne, wine and vodka!) and I was surrounded by people I've known and loved for many years. It really felt like it was a day for everyone there, it was brilliant.

Jenny looked fabulous in her wedding dress as did all the bridesmaids, and not forgetting Dave and his gang of ushers.

There was a proper rock band, an ice sculpture, a wedding cake made of profiteroles, a barbeque like no other and brilliant wedding music. I felt like a teenager again. So thank you Dave and Jenny for making us all feel a part of your wonderful celebration. It will be remembered for a long time.