A sigh of relief!!

I'm now back in Bath after a brief stay in Luton with my mum and even briefer trip to Farringdon!
My reason for visiting Farringdon was for my Texprint interview. I had 4 people on my interview panel, who were very easy to talk to and made me feel relaxed about the somewhat nerve racking situation!!

I think all went well and they said some very complimentary things about my work, so that can't be a bad thing. Just have to wait and see now what happens from here on. I won't find out till the 12th of July if I'm through to the final 25, but if I am then I'm due to show in London on the 15th. Not much time to organise things, but it may not come to that yet, but fingers crossed!!

Before that though I will be attending New Designers at the Business Design Centre in Islington, it's all go at the minute!

One last thing, whilst I was at my interview I had to pose for a photo so they had a record of me and my work! Below is the sample they chose for me to show in the cringe worthy picture!!