TALKing the TALK, but most definately not walking the walk!!

Over the past couple of weeks the internet connection in our house is becoming increasingly more frustrating. Talk Talk are officially useless at sorting out any kind of decent technical support, and it's getting to be a bit trying. Still we have a connection every 5 minutes or so, so I'm taking this opportunity to post my next entry.

The last few days has consisted of a lot of drawing. Having received new design briefs to work from it's time to get creative!
Believe it or not but those in the textiles industry are concerned with colour ways and inspiration for Autumn/Winter 2009, yes, sad but true!!

I love flowers so I'm going to opt for one of the briefs that's focused around florals, particularly roses, as they are, I think, my favourite things to draw!

So a few days of sketching and hopefully I'll have a nice lot of drawings to help me get started on some fabric.This probably won't happen thought till the weekend though as I'm off to Brighton to witness my friends Dave and Jenny getting married. Two weddings in two months, that's good going, and mine's still to be organised by the end of the year. Watch this space!!

Just one final thing. Today was a joyous occasion for me and Ben. Our feline friend and sometimes overnight guest, unimaginatively named "The Grey Cat" came for a 10 minute walk with us!! She faithfully followed us up the lane and back, which has quite honestly made my day, if not my week so far!! Here she is in all her loveliness.