I'm back already!!

I was in London yesterday for New Designers. I left early and got back late. I find these type of events a little overwhelming. The amount of work there is astonishing and obviously there's lots of work that's amazing, which at times can make you think, why am I bothering!!

Well I suppose the reason you bother is there are times when you get to meet some really lovely people and get some face to face feedback.

Just as I was leaving last night a gentleman was looking at my work, I went over and it was the director of Hand & Lock. He was very complimentary and has said that he'll get me in to the studios for a few days so that I can be shown how to tambour bead!! This is a form of beading that once good at can make the process very quick, which means you can cover more ground and begin to do more elaborate things. So all in all it wasn't a bad day.

The image above is a piece of work I entered into the Hand & lock competition last year.