It's been a long time......

Well the blog has taken a back seat of late, I've been otherwise engaged!
I went to London to do a weeks placement at the studio I'm freelancing with. They made me feel extremely welcome and I thoroughly enjoyed it, well apart from the hour and 45 minute journey to get to and from!! London commuting is not something I'm a fan of, thankfully the weather was good, but if I have to complain it was really far too hot!

I cut my stay there short as me and Ben have found a new home and move in a few weeks, yikes!! How did we acquire so much stuff? I'm sure it will be fine but times running out.
We'll be living in Bitton, a village between Bath and Bristol and although not much is going on there we do have a pub across the road as well as a Spar shop a few doors down, what more could you want? I could list but I won't!

I've also started doing a cleaning job in the mornings for 3 hours, not creative I know, but it earns some cash, which equals less stress and I'm enjoying it. Conversing with people and getting out of the house for a while. Freelancing from home is all well and good but it can get a little lonely at times! So all in all it's suiting me well. In all honesty it's nice to be doing something that doesn't require much brain power! The place is Toghill House Farm if your looking for somewhere to stay near Bath, they are a really lovely family with lots of lovely animals!