Bunting from the Mother Theresa!

For our wedding we made our invites in the shape of bunting. We asked every guest to decorate theirs and bring it along on the day.

My mum came form Luton today, to help with preparations and to get some pampering treatments done with me at a Bath beauty salon. This is here lovely bunting effort.

Most of the people in this photo are sadly no longer with us, but my mum decided to decorate her's so all the absentees could be with us on the day. A nice and special thought, which I appreciate greatly, and the photo is from her big day.

From left to right in the photo:

Grandad Doug (my grandad on my dad's side, sadly to ill to attend)
Nanna Barbara (my Nan on my dad's side, will be attending)
Alan Chambers (my dad, sadly no longer with us)
Theresa Chambers (my mum, best friend and all round wonderful lady!)
Grandad Norman (my grandad on my mum's side, sadly no longer with us)
Nanna Alice ( my nan on my mum's side, sadly no longer with us)