Wedding of the Year, well for me anyhow!

On the 18th July the best thing ever happened. I got married.
This is pretty special in itself but what made it the best day of my life was everyone that was there.
I cannot put into words what an amazing experience it was and the most memorable and emotional day ever.
Meeting Ben and then having 9 wonderful years together has been brilliant (of course there's been up's and down's mainly due to me I might add). Without his love I wouldn't have been able to get through some tough times, so Ben I salute you, your the bestest!

Then there was the cutting of the cake. The cake was made of wood and produced by our talented friend Andrew Samuels.

This is he and his partner Rachel.

I got to see all my family, friends from afar, drink and eat! What more could I ask for.

Neil and Sarah (below) were Champion Bubbler and My Fair Lady, don't ask. They did us proud and I'd like to thank them for being truly superb friends.