It's time I got creative!!

I've been doing a lot of thinking recently, maybe too much, but all with a positive outcome so great!
I used to be a hell of a lot more creative than I'm being at the minute, I suppose that's what comes with working and not being a student anymore, well that's rubbish!
Lacking confidence in my abilities for too long I have decided to take some action, kick myself up the arse and get on with things.
Encouraging words from certain individuals (you know who you are, thank you) have made me feel it's ready to stop messing about and put (whatever) skills I have to good use.

I think, so this doesn't just become words with no action I will:
Firstly book a space to have a mini exhibition.
Secondly: Do it!!
Thirdly: Watch this space.

The stuff I've been working on recently as I said previously I would like to make into little city scapes.
Below is a hat that I've made, was thinking this would be a good top to a building.
Sequins and beads are great and I'm going to develop some prints on these to go with it, I've been meaning to do stuff with these photo's for years so now I will!!