Pile of Steaming Veg!!

What an afternoon.
Deciding that I'd like to read the paper over lunch I tool myself to the shops. Only to realise the second the door shut I had no key, phone and Ben was still in Luton.
As if this wasn't rubbish enough I had a pan of steaming vegetables on the hob, brilliant!
Well to cut a long story short after an hour of neighbours trying to drill, pries and break into my house. I couldn't take the view of the pan slowly turning black through the kitchen window and the smell of burning seeping under the door.
I took matters in to my own hands and smashed the window. Surprisingly satisfying as I felt on the verge of tears!
Anyway I would like to thank my Knights in a bobble hat and grey jumper for fitting a new lock and chip boarding my window up!! Ace, but rubbish as it'll cost me.