Bye, Bye Yesterday Day, Thanks for the Memories.

Here we all are, it's another Friday, but it's now 2010!
I struggle a lot with New years celebrations. Let's face it, it's just another day but somehow I get washed along with thoughts of what will you change this year, how will you be different, what will you try to do/not to do to improve your existence!!

Well this year I am just going to get on with things, that's it. What happens, happens. I will try my best to be a nice person and channel my energies wisely!
That'll do.

Saying that I struggle with New Year celebrations is a slight lie though. Last night we were entertained by the wondrous Claire and John (see below). We ate lovely food under hand cut snowflakes, drank mulled wine and topped the evening off with a game of "Blockbusters" (which we bought for John) and a game of charades.
My favourite charade was performed by Claire, who mimed "The New Kenwood MagiMix". Not really a book, film, play etc but Bek's thinking on the same wavelength got it in record time. Actually no I beat that record by guessing "Return of The Jedi" with no clues at all.

Thank you all my lovely friends. x