Getting organised/inspired!

Well, today I decided I needed to get organised.
This involved spending a surprising amount of money!!
Ink cartridges, sketchbook, Bondaweb, fabric, glue..
The list goes on.
But, I feel much better.
My thoughts are more organised and constructed.
I have heeded the advice I continually give the students.
I need a clear vision of what I'm trying to achieve.
I kinda knew, but now I feel much happier.
Hope your happy too! x

Eduardo Paolozzi, what a genius.
Sonia Delaunay.
David Hockney.

In the car today I had on Mr Samuels mix tape, these were some of the delights on offer!

Toto - Hold the Line. (With Lyrics!!)
Rainbow - Since you've Been Gone.
Boston - More than A Feeling.
Ludacris - Number One Spot.
Public Enemy - Welcome to the Terrordome.
Busta Rhymes - Woo Ha.