Having A Nice Day!

Hello Monday.
The suns shining, I'm at home stitching.
What a lovely start to the week.
The weekend was pretty great.
Celebrated the birthday of Miss Horne.
As well as her engagement to Mr Price!!
How wonderful.
Lunch with too many wonderful friends to mention.
Cake round at the Horne/Price house.
Then entertained by the lovely Rachel and Andrew.
Quick glimpse of mum on Sunday.
Coffee and cake with Neil and Sarah.
Was a nice couple of days.

Today I finished this grump.
He looks much nicer in the flesh.

Sometimes I forget how great Radiohead are!
Thom Yorke has a wondrous voice.
Michel Gondry is a genius!
This man is apparently unwell. Get well.
Accompanied by Mr Solar.
Ahhh, The memories. If I was a quarter as lovely as Nina I'd be happy!!