Sunday, time for carbooting!

Been out for a lovely walk.
Saw a squirrel contemplate and attempt a death defying jump 3 times.
He succeeded!
Also saw a Jay, nice.
Went to see I Love You Phillip Morris.
I know loads of people hate Jim Carrey.
I have a soft spot for him, especially in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind!
Brilliant but sad all the same.

From the film, Beck.
I love this song, and film.
Is it right to find Gene Wilder attractive? Doubtful!
John Shuttleworth, not going back to Savoury.
And we all know about this nightmare!
Saw this ages ago.
It's nice up North.
A film about John Shuttleworth's theory that the further north you travel the nicer people get.
Filmed by the wonderful photographer Martin Parr.