Things can only get better!!

Found out today that lovely scientist Brian Cox used to be the keyboardist in D:ream!!!
That is as much as I can tell you this morning.
Oh I managed to knock an impressive 2 minutes of my normal running route!
How I managed that I don't know.
I actually felt far more shattered than normal.
Maybe the answer to both is, I was running faster!!!
Recycling drawings and collage in attempt to get ideas for my fantastical trophies.
Drawings based on a hat I had made a while ago.

God I used to love these songs as a kid, still do!
Getting down to Kid Creole and The Coconuts!
Annie, I'm not you're Daddy. Some very horrible lyrics in this one. "Well if I was in your blood then you wouldn't be so ugly" Nice!
Being modest. I'm a Wonderful Thing Baby.