With the best will in the world!!

That's kinda how I'm feeling today.
Work wise and personally!
As much as I've tried I seem to have achieved nought!
I guess that some days you just gotta go with it.
Chin up, onwards and upwards, be happy etc.
I hope you are.
I will be tomorrow, just going to go with the flow.
Maybe that pint and a half and a burger mid week didn't help!
I'm such a light weight.
What will happen when I turn 33?
Will I be worse!
No, I'll build up resistance to lovely Budvar!
Chin chin!

Heard this and like it, makes me feel hopeful.
Hopefully you too!
Mr Costello being great.
Midlake being all conceptual!! Makes me feel sad.
Julia Davis and Jessica Hynes being utterly wonderful but most definitely not cheering anyone up!!
Can't wait for that.
Loved Spaced.
Loved Nighty Night.
Hooray for depressing intelligent comedy!

This man has a sad face, but pattern behind showing good times.
Cheer up, it might never happen!