Nowhere fast!

This week seem's to have gone within a blink of an eye.
I really don't seem to have achieved much at all.
I suppose there's been a lot of planning, ringing round, e-mails....
Well I am still excited, but getting nervous.
Ahh, it'll be fine.
Yesterday my computer decided to get a screen error.
This is a band of flashing light about 2 inches wide running from top to bottom of my screen.
Just off centre too, so as to cause as much of an inconvenience as possible.
Rang up technical support.
Could be a cheap repair, could be £400 odd.
Hmmmm, great!
Still, it's only a computer!
Yeah but an expensive thing to have to fix.
Oh well, no ones died.

I like this.
The Neat - In Youth Is Pleasure.