Tis Tuesday!

Seems like It's been ages since my last post.
I'm trying not to show all on here before the show!
I'm not very good at that, and also not sure I care too much.
No point in being precious.
Still enjoying it.
making plans for displaying, getting posters printed this week too!
It's all happening.
I'm happy and excited/nervous.

Hoping that Mr Samuel's will do the DJing honours.
Long time friend from London offering a helping hand too, it should all be good.
Happy Tuesday to you, enjoy the sunshine.

First time I've heard this, but I take it on good authority it's worth a listen.
Chemical Brothers - Escape Velocity.
Aphex Twin - Fingerbib.
Supergrass - Mansize Rooster. They split! They made me happy when I was younger.
They were on Adam Buxton's Big Mixtape - Toddler Tunes being the theme.

I've been doing this!