You want greeting cards? You got em!

Had my cards back from the printers this week.
I'm rather happy with them.
Last night was spent putting them and envelopes into cello bags!
This was made less dull by watching 2 episodes of The Wire.
I love it.
I'm so behind with the times, I know, only on Series 2.
Still think of all the excitement that's ahead of me.
Think it's on Series 5 now.

Back to the cards.
They will be available to buy either direct from me or in Scarlet Vintage.
For those of you unaware of Scarlet Vintage, go find it and have a rummage.
The shop is run by Debbie, who is not only extremely friendly but also has a keen eye for beautiful garments and accessories.
She regularly heads over to LA to source out unique vintage clothing.
Well worth a look.

Mari Wilson - Just What I've Always Wanted.
Billy Joel - Uptown Girl. Looking very young/a little seedy!