Life getting in the way of blogging!

Well, again it's been a while, sorry!
Lots of things happening, which is good,
but no time to update this.
Still I'm ready for action now.
What have I been up to?
Last week, I went to M.A.D.E. in Cirencester.
Where, after meeting Louise and Sheena, (ladies who run the shop) my cards and brooches will be stocked by them. Great!
Then helping a friend with work for 100% Design.
Gill Hewitt is the talented ladies name, she makes decorative sound absorbing panels for interiors.

Then a meeting with a lovely lady called Amy who has recently opened Bill and Eddie in Clifton!
And I am pleased to say that Studio Legohead greeting cards will be stocked there also!

Then off to Burgess Hill to witness the marriage of Colin and Nic!
Lovely time had, lots of dancing, catching up with friends, meeting new ones and generally having a splendid time!

Here are some images of the new brooches I've been making.
And a picture of the happy couple!