Oh, one more thing!

After much deliberation it's now official.
In 3 weeks time I head off to New York for,
yep, 5 and a half weeks!!!!!

Primarily to help out Mr Copperwheat, who will be showing at New york Fashion week.
It will be his 3rd show.
The Copperwheat collection is just getting better and better.
I'm delighted for him and Lee and in awe of their hard work and dedication!
What an opportunity to see behind the scenes.
A trip of a life time.

A big shout going out to Mr Hamilton-Chambers for not minding that I'm off for such a long time.
Cheers Mr.
You know all the rest so I won't say anymore.

I leave on the 7th September, so I might have a few drinks with people before I head off.

This actually scares me a little!