Bean Town Mention!

Well, I have had another lovely mention on a blog!
This time it's the wonderful Bean Town.

Bean Town is a company specialising in glorious knit wear for fabulous canines.
It is made up of Anne and Micheal, a married couple from Nebraska, along with Bean and Lily, their beautiful Boston Terrier's.
I stumbled upon them at the beginning of this year, they may have even been the people to have got me hooked on images of dogs in clothes.
The wonderful model that is Bean, is truly gorgeous and a real selling point for their products!

They have given me such a wonderful mention on their blog and have also offered me some products as I wanted them to have the embroidery that I did of Bean. This seem's like a great deal!!

You can see more photo's an item's on their Flickr site too.

Quite frankly, who could resist these gorgeous faces?!