Running out of bits and bobs!

So as well as the Manager Special I posted earlier, I've also been doing these for the Art Supermarket!
I'm slowly running out of nice buttons and things though, so soon I will be on the hunt for more.
I wonder if these will be liked by anyone other than me, if not, then I have a great collection of brooches to last me a lifetime!
I do have a soft spot for these guys - Daft Punk - Robot Rock
Just look at the nice colours, sparkle and complete tackiness of it all, brilliant.
I'm also a big fan of these too, they look so young - MGMT (doing Talking Heads) - This Must Be The Place.
And here they are being great, Talking Heads that is.
I think this has been one of my most played albums this year, why did they get so slatted.
MGMT - It's Working.
I've not read much on this site yet but I like how it looks so far!
Enough, I'm outta here.
Enjoy the rest of Sunday x x