Treasury list makes front page on Etsy!

So as well as working on commissions I've been keeping one eye on Etsy.
I was added to a treasury list by the lovely Briana Rose, you can see here fabulous rings and other jewellry here.
Whilst looking at my Etsy site, I noticed I'd attracted a lot of people who had added me as one of their 'favourites'. It's always nice when people appreciate what you do, so I was chuffed with that.
Then whilst chatting on  Facebook to a person I have befriended who has a love for the Singer Irish and Cornely sewing machines (Jerry Lee, check out his embroidered cowboy shirts, they're great), he informed me that Briana's list had made front page on Etsy!
Briliant. So two more sales for me today, one to Latvia, one to the US.
Thank you to my buyers and to Briana.

The treasury is called Sweet somethings, take a look!