Officially in there!

So I found out the other day that I have been included in Martha Stewart's Holiday Gift Guide 2011!!!
How exciting. Who'd have thought it?! : )

I only knew that I had been included after I had 2 e-mails asking about illustrations and saying where they had seen me.

Quote 1: "Martha Dec. issue page 66 under gift are by far the best of the choices - clearly have a feel for the soul of the animal..."
Quote 2: "Okay, I just found your website via Martha Stewart Living (congrats on that by the way!) and I am IN LOVE with your work!!!! I would like to commission one, possibly two of your pieces for Christmas gifts"
*head swells, slightly blushes*

All very lovely and unexpected.
One of my first ever customers went and bought a copy, scanned it and sent me the piece so I could see. Thanks Carol, very sweet of you!

Listening to this, isn't calming me down!

The other artists included are:
Anne Watkins
Martha Szabo
Noisy Dog Studios