Stuff Bath!

So next week sees the happening of Stuff Bath.
Of which I have the delight of taking part in.
The Mantelpiece is the exhibition that I will be featured in.

I've seen a few of the other artists displays and if you are anything like me and like being a nosey bugger, then it's definitely the exhibition for you!
Come along, it starts 7th November.

This is a good list of people, and I'm included. Shucks x

Shai Akram, Fabien Cappello, Peter Clark, Kerry Curtis, Custhom, Darkroom, Blue Farrier, Amanda Goode, Andrew Haythornthwaite, James Jarvis, Sam Johnson, Sara Jowett, Tracy Kendall, Jenny King, Claire Loder, Ptolemy Mann, Michael Marriott, John Miles, Karen Nicol, Marcus Oakley, Flora Roberts, Nigel Robinson, John Taylor and Donna Wilson.

Bye for now.