Gift Vouchers.

Happy New Year!!

So just before Xmas, due to too many commission inquiries to take on, I started offering Gift Vouchers.
These come in the form of a voucher that is e-mailed to the giver of the portrait!
After payment and conversation has taken place these are the steps!

Step 1 - You tell me who it's for and what you would like the message to read.
Step 2 - I create a personalised voucher with your message attached.
Step 3 - You present your gift receiver with the voucher.
Step 4 - They contact me directly with images of their four legged friend and any further requirements.
Step 5 - I complete the portrait and send it directly to them!

So if you are after something personal for someone special, this could be the gift for you.
I have decided to offer this option as sometimes the time it will take me to complete and post means that it may pass the birthday/anniversary/wedding day!
So now it doesn't have to be a problem.

You can purchase them at my Etsy shop or by contacting me directly at

Bye for now : ) x x x