Art, 80's music and new drawings

This weekend I had the utter pleasure of seeing Grayson Perry's 'The Vanity Of Small Differences' exhibition at the Victoria Miro gallery.

I wasn't expecting to be so moved by them.
It wasn't really anything to do with the subject matter.
It was more to do with the colour, pattern and composition of each piece. Exceptional in so many ways.
Having studied a Creative Arts, combined course at university in Art and Textiles, my first love has always been with drawing, but this has only truly become evident in the past few years.
Seeing the combination of  illustration and textiles together on such a large scale was really breathtaking.
If you can, go. You won't be disappointed.

The above was then contrasted with a night at an 80's club. Lovely to see friends and dance to total cheesy music ( a guilty pleasure)!

And today, a new illustration. Silvertips was the title of a past illustration. This one is a follow up, where he finds love : )