Working With Waggo

I recently had the utter delight of being asked to produce some greeting cards for Waggo.
Waggo are a Brooklyn based company founded by Regine Raab, who previously worked at several fashion houses. This is very obvious by the great style that Waggo has on all it's products.

"As an avid shopper for her dog, Benny, she realized there were some things missing from her favorite pet stores. Surrounded by generic merchandise and boilerplate bone and paw print designs, she thought there must be a better way. She decided to develop products that provide style and comfort for her and her dog."

I can happily say they were a joy to work with, and are thrilled with the outcome. 
Having spent 5 weeks in Brooklyn a few years back, I'd love to return, enjoy New York again and meet some people that I've had the pleasure to work with. 

Maybe next year!!