Dogster Feature And Why The Name Studio Legohead

Last week I had the lovely surprise of being featured on Dogster.
I wasn’t expecting the write up on my work, and neither was I expecting such a glowing review.
Incongruous was the word used to describe my work. The dictionary meaning is ‘not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something’.
I take this as a compliment.

I never set out to draw and embroider dogs, it just happened. (I was in a creative block, bored of drawing flowers. I saw a dog in a hat and thought I wonder what type of personality he would have as a human, and so it began.) Neither did I intend for the name Studio Legohead to stick around. But both did. Rather unexpectedly.
So, Studio Legohead, where did it come from? I feel I owe an explanation for the weird title. Legohead Jo was a nickname from back in my youthful days. I used to have a severe red bob haircut, one day a friend described it as ‘like Lego hair’, then the name just stuck. 18 years later, it’s still used by my close circle of friends.
Why did I have it as a name to accompany my work? Well, when I completed ‘Best In Show’ series of work, I didn’t have a business, and it was my first solo exhibition; it was just meant to be fun, so as not to take myself too seriously. Which was kinda fine, due to the fact the exhibition was a range of embroidered dog portraits with trophies and sashes, all to be awarded to ‘the winners’! : D

A quote from the feature – “It's like even the simplest thing becomes an object of wonder to Legohead ... kind of like the way a dog might regard something novel. And it's a refreshing way to look at life.”

I hope never to take myself too seriously.

I have to say the past few years of drawing canines and felines, blogging, getting commissioned and generally working with fantastic people all over the globe has been an utter delight. I feel very grateful for my work and what I do.

Thanks for all the support so far, here’s to a great 2013 X X X

A recent commission. Harry, what a dude. x