Life Story - Happy To Be Stocked There!

It's always great to see folk doing something lovely, and even nicer when you're asked to be stocked by them.
Husband and wife team, Adam and Fee Storey have recently opened up Life Story, a lifestyle shop on Broughton Street in Edinburgh. Formally the home of a Moviebank rental shop, the duo turned the site into a wonderfully unique vision.
The premise behind Life Story, is to tell the tales of the designers they stock. According to the Storeys, "too often the designer’s tale is lost amidst the retailer’s branding". 
Life Story looks like an utter delight which is not often seen and reminds me of stores I recently visiting on my trip to Amsterdam.
A few other names I'm thrilled to be stocked with are, Hilary Grant Knitwear and Lucy Jay both making great accessories in knit and print.

I can't wait for an excuse to visit Edinburgh again and pop in to say hello in person. I'm delighted to be part of their story and I wish them every success.