Canine Couples = Dog Milk - The Scratchbook

Recently I was asked to take part in Dog Milks, The Scratchbook feature, which of course I was delighted to except. As it was February, the obvious theme was Valentines Day.

I've always had a bit of an obsession in imagining some of my ornaments having relationships! That broken china poodle having a fling with the fair maiden, the ceramic bird chatting up kitsch cat. I could go on : ) 

So it really wasn't hard for me to imaging the canine friends of Capree, (the managing editor of Dog Milk ) having relationships with other pooches. The following stories then generated.
Smash and Coco Bean ( Chic Sprinkles ) announcing their internet love affair, and Wrigley confessing his love for Dee ( Deisel and Juice ).

Cheers to Capree and Dog Milk for being such good fun to work with, and for all canines involved for being such great models x x x