Poodle Doodle 2 = A Love For Oddities. x

Hello there,

I've been thinking about why I've always ( as stated in previous posts ) had an obsession with ceramic animals, kitsch ornaments and oddities.
I am a sucker for a broken ornament, or anything that might look a bit weird and not quite right.
Drawing these ceramic finds is something I keep going back to. I think the attraction is the character that is already present on their faces, stances and often scenarios that they are in.
This and my love for vintage scarves and pattern never fails to provide me inspiration.

I'm fully aware where this comes from, my wonderful Nan, who sadly is no longer with us, but has left me with a passion for things that has sculpted my creativity and enriched me greatly.
Her home was a treasure trove of objects, broken at times and rather dusty, but always bright, silly and full of character. This combined with clashing patterns and textures has led to my appreciation of things that do not tale themselves to seriously.
Thanks Nanna Alice. You were a ray of sunshine x x