What I've Been Up To - MATS Week 1

I may have been a little quiet of late, and here's the reason why.
I decided to go 'Back To School' and take up the Lilla Rogers MATS course.

The first week came and went with a blink of an eye. Sketching, playing, collaging and being a student meant the time whizzed.
Already, the course has proved to be so informative, creative and the fellow students (across the globe) are all unique and inspiring.
I'm having a great time!
The first week was to look at berries and casseroles for the Bolt Fabric market, you can see the end results below.

What I want to get from the course are the following things:
To free me up more.
To challenge myself with subject matters and mediums.
Push me out of my comfort zone.
Learn about different markets.
And to sell more of my art!

Love Lillas saying that "People Will Buy Your Joy".
Glaming up and putting on happy music always helps with the process too : ) x x x