MATS Course = Making Friends And Creating Lots Of Work

As you might be aware I recently took the Lilla Rogers MATS Course. I had a blast and enjoyed every minute.
A few people from the course had a great suggestion to create a Blog Tour, so we could share our experiences from the course and spreading the wealth from blog to blog. Nice idea x

Well I'll be honest I had no idea what I might get from the course, I just felt it was time to push myself and learn some more things I could put into practise with the work I am doing already.
The course made me think about presentation of work, who the work I'm creating might be for, colour palettes, and themes I would never have attacked on my own.
It was a very intense 5 weeks, where I looked forward to every new week and assignment. It is so refreshing to get a brief that you might not pick yourself and develop from it.

I have to say that there were so many extremely talented people on the course, and at times it was a little intimidating, but I think that every student felt that at some point, and also on the flip side there was at least one assignment where everyone shone!

What I think was the loveliest thing about it though, and what I hadn't appreciated until starting the course was having the support of others. We are all still in touch daily on the Facebook page for the course, asking opinions and bouncing ideas. The sense of community, and encouragement alone was worth every penny.

Today I share the tour with these two fabulous people:
Angie Sandy and Son Atwal - head over to their blogs to read about there version of events ; )

Below are my favourite pieces from the both.

A massive thanks to every student involved, Lilla and Beth for making this course super fantastic. x x x

Angie Sandy - Gift Assignment

Son Atwal - Bolt Fabric Assignment

And perhaps my favourite thing that I drew on the course, my Vintage Finch.

Heres a list of everyone else involved!